The Wire Season 4 Episode 8: Corner Boys

The Wire Season 4 Episode 8: Corner Boys   Det. Herc Hauk (Dominick Lombardozzi) is a Baltimore Police Department survivor. Even though he routinely displays unbelievably bad judgment in policing the modern urban crime environment (he actually has the murderous Chris and Snoop stopped with incriminating evidence in tow and, unwittingly, lets them go), he always seems to land on his feet. Herc's not a bad guy or sorry po-leese; his heart, as folks say, is in the right place and when paired with Ellis Carver (Seth Gilliam) the streets of Baltimore are actually a bit safer for the working man. The worst that can be said about him is he's a fairly amoral opportunist. And the Simon and Company appear to be suggesting that feline slickness, when you lack true talent, is what's needed to survive.


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