Ridley Scott's Prometheus is not a badly constructed film by any means, but as many have said it is disappointing and confusing. However, my main problem is that this supposed prequel to Scott's masterful Alien from 1979 is a dishonest motion picture. This story of an early corporate-sponsored space expedition manned by vain scientists and surly, cynical crew members includes a duplicitous artificial person (Michael Fassbender), a spunky female  (Noomi Rapace), and an oily corporate sleazebag (Charlize Theron), versions of whom appeared in either Alien or Aliens. To suggest that central characters from the first two films in the Alien series had spiritual predecessors is not just intellectually and creatively dishonest, it's lazy. The premise that titans came to the earth and populated the planet with lesser varieties of themselves is at first intriguing but ultimately annoying because the horrifically gruesome path to discover why these bald giants did so leads nowhere.


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