The Wire Season 4 Episode 7: Unto Others

The Wire Season 4 Episode 7: Unto Others.  In creating the character of Omar Little, Simon and company had to decide early on what the narraive arc would be for the gay Robin Hood of inner city Baltimore's drugland, who though loaded with charm and a certain nobility held to a fairly cynical moral code. The character is pursued relentlessly by city drug dealers throughout the run of the series and he makes it almost through practically unscathed. When the west side's new drug king pin, Marlo Stanfield, frames Omar for the murder of a "citizen" in Episode 6, viewers had to consider if this indeed was curtains for the beloved gunman. It was not but Omar's arrest and the subsequent attempted assassination moved this chessman closer to the inevitable face-off with the king. Put in a cage along with dozens of his rip-n-run victims, Omar was looking death squarely in the eye. Some quick action from his surrogate father, Blind Butchie, and the collection of an outstanding debty from the city solicitor saved Omar from doom. Cleverly, the writers had foreshadowed Omar's fate -- retribution would eventually come for the king ... and it wouldn't miss.


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