The Wire Season 4 Episode 6: Margin of Error

The Wire Season 4 Episode 6: Margin of Error  Maryland State Senator Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock Jr.)  is one of the more colorful featured characters on the series, and Simon and company have great fun mining the depths of the oily politician's greed and mendacity. It was in Season 1 that Davis' driver was pulled by members of the major crimes unit while, apparently, collecting payment from the Barksdale drug operation. Incredibly, BPD commanders ordered the officers to give the money back and keep their hands out of Davis' pocket. This action sent the message to the team -- and, of course, to the viewer -- that Davis was a major player with a really filthy mouth.  Detective Lester Freamon would fix his sights on bringing the cagey senator down. Davis's trademark expletive -- the elongated "shhhiiiiiiiiitttt" -- was wearing out its welcome by Season 5, for me, but the character would continued to entertain,  even as he stood trial on charges of financial chicanery.


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