The Wire Season 4 Episode 3 Home Rooms

The Wire Season 4 Episode 3: Home Rooms   Simon and company take a bit of creative license in their story telling by reintroducing beleaguered Roland Przbylewski as first-year homeroom and mathematics teacher for Michael, Randy, Dukie and Namond. Predictably, Prez's first day with his students is disastrous; a veteran teacher must intervene to help him gain control of his class. It's quickly revealed that each of his students presents a unique challenge and, collectively, represent a piece of the puzzle about inner city schools. It's a bleak picture, no question. The Wire never shies away from complexity; "no easy answers" is a byword for the series -- whether exploring the drug trade, law enforcement, politics or marital relations. Still, Prez is the very model of the human desire for redemption. Though he was knocked back a little by the resistance from his hardened charges, he digs in his heels and approaches the new job like a puzzle. He was, after all, code-breaker for the BPD on the Barksdale case before leaving the force after the accidental shooting of another officer in the Season 3. Jim True-Frost is a fine actor (he was especially good in a small 2003 film Off the Map) and imbues Prez with levels of sensitivity but never reduces the character to sentimentalism, making Prez a personal favorite of mine.


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