The Wire Season 4 Episode 2: Soft eyes   The second episode of the fourth season opens with Marlo Stanfield's adrogynous assassin Snoop Pearson (Felicia Pearson) shopping for nailguns in a hardware store. She wants one with lots of force but little kick and is shown one that fits the bill. She reveals to the salesman, at the end of the exchange, that the person receiving the nail to the head won't know what hit him. She slaps a fistfull of bills into the nonplussed salesman's hand and makes her exit, an untraceable weapon in tow. Thus viewers are formally introduced to Snoop, or as formally as these things go on The Wire. We actually get a little glimpse into this most intriguing of David Simon's characters. She's a killer with a work ethic and a spirit of generosity because she tipped the salesman handsomely. Like many others in the series' Tolstoian cast (we'll be exchanging Tolstoian for Dickensian in the fifth season), actual Baltimore residents were cast in secondary roles each season. Among those cast were former Baltimore drug kingpin Melvin Williams (Deacon); Deandre McCullough (Lamar) who was the subject of an earlier Simon project, The Corner; and Pearson, who was discovered by Michael T. Williams (Omar) in a Baltimore nightclub. By all published accounts, the murderous Snoop is Pearson's unique creation, or, perhaps more accurately, Snoop IS Pearson in a different context. Having served time in prison for second-degree murder, Pearson was familiar with the lethal nature of the work she would go on to portray so convincingly.


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