The Wire Season 3 Episode 10: Reformation   This episode contains the most peculiar red herring of the entire series: the shot of Deputy Commission Bill Rawls (John Doman) in a gay bar into which Brother Mouzone's assistant Lamar wanders on the hunt for Omar. The writers do nothing with this revelation, leaving it to the viewers to process as they will. Ardent, regular Wireheads might be tempted to parse the character's colorful triades, most of which were directed at Det. Jimmy McNulty, in a search for evidence of homoeroticism, and, frankly, there is something there. It could be argued, persuasively, that Rawlss' anger and bitterness might be fueled by self-loathing. Viewers probably had been wondering since Season 1 why he was such an unbelievable asshole, and perhaps the answer is sexual repression. But, given the sophistication of this series, that answer seems a bit pat, maybe even trite. It's likely more the case that the writers were having a little fun with an ostensibly uni-dimensional character, adding a layer of mystery to the major but never intending to go beyond that. Rawls is a core character for The Wire, providing needy grist for the mill, moments of flashy and surprisingly artful obscenity. He's a piggish, variably principled and unprincipled bully boy who also might be gay. How rich is that?


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