Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Wire Season 3 Episode 5: Straight and True

The Wire Season 3 Episode 5: Straight and True. Irish actor Aidan Gillen dellivered a consistently outstanding performance in The Wire as Councilman / Mayor Tommy Carcetti an essentially principled though conniving and adulterous politician. While certainly not as pivotal as the role of Detective Jimmy McNulty, Carcetti's journey as the white renegade councilmember wanting to unseat an entrenched black mayor in Baltmore adds further complexity to an already complex narrative of the city's efforts to save itself. Gillen, known best in Britain as the star of the original Queer as Folk and now as member of the large cast of characters in Game of Thrones, is a fine actor who is given one of the most dramatic speeches (and the series has quite a few such moments) as he dresses down the city's police brass for their inability to defend and protect the citizens of Baltimore.


Shrews said...

If you've been following "Game of Thrones", Gillen is giving yet another perfect performance as the wiley/sleezy Petyr Baelish. This guy is an Irish actor, but you would never know it. Funny..Dom West is also English and in The Wire and I never would have guessed he wasn't American. They are that good.

Culture Chronicles said...

And American actors routinely butcher British accents. Go figure.

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