The Wire Season 3 Episode 4:Hamsterdam

The Wire Season 3 Episode 4: Hamsterdam. David Simon poured undiluted menace into the character of drug lord Marlo Stanfield, a ruthless sociopath who reigns over the bloodiest crew of drugland enforcers in Baltimore. Much of the body count that has sent the BPD scrambling to solve or conceal can be traced to Stanfield and his insatiable lieutenants -- Chris (Gebenga Akinnagbe) and Snoop (Felicia Pearson). They make for a deadly trio of characters so removed from civil society and social conventions that the dread they elicit whenever they're screen radiates long after they're gone. They're a palpable threat to the life of the city, a disease that Major Colvin hopes to quarantine to a Free Zone where dealers and users can transact their business without fear of police harassment. The Free Zone is referred to in passing as Amsterdam -- the Dutch capital where some drugs can be purchased legally -- but the name is unwittingly converted by the corner boys to a ruefully ironic Hamsterdam. In short order, however, the warmth and fuzziness of that appellation will ill-fit the unrelenting social decay in the Free Zone.


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