The Wire Season 2 Episode 12: Port in a Storm

The Wire Season 2 Episode 12: Port in a Storm. Harbor police pulled the body of Frank Sobotka (Chris Bauer) out of the bay the day after the Greek (Bill Raymond), Vondas (Paul Ben-Victor) and their henchmen were informed the union boss was about to turn state's evidence on the drug, smuggling and prostitution syndicate. It's an agonizing opening sequence that mirrors the scene from the first episode of the second season -- the harbor patrol pulling the body of a murdered woman from the water. Both bodies were deposited by the Greek's crew and despite huge expenditures of material and human capital, the Baltimore PD didn't appear to be any closer to arresting "Mr. Big" than when the season started. And that would be a recurring theme throughout the series. And yet, the program was not entirely cynical. Small victories were marked and celebrated and there were signs that a storm, stirred by the work of the major crimes unit, was on the horizon. The appetites of the members of the major crimes unit under Lt. Daniels (Lance Reddick) had been whetted and they needed to be fed. They would be in Season 3.


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