The Wire Season 2 Episode 11: Bad Dreams

The Wire Season 2 Episode 11: Bad Dreams This episode features the fateful encounter between two celebrated gunmen -- renegade Robin Hood Omar Little and Barksdale hired gun Brother Mouzone of NYC. Stringer Bell, in a move that will ultimately lead to his downfall, tells Omar that the torture and murder of his young lover Brandon was not done by the Barksdale crew, though it was, but by Mouzone, as vicious a killer as ever walked the earth. Omar bites and tracks down Mouzone with the help of his associates Kimmy and Tosha. He shoots and wounds Mouzone in his downtown motel and tries to extract a confession from him before putting him away permanently. Mouzone denies the charge that he killed Brandon but accepts that his time has come and tells Omar to do what he wishes. Omar lets the wounded Mouzone live and calls 9-1-1, believing he's been had by Bell. It's a wonderful scene. And is among the best in the series as it is both terse and tense and probes provocative questions like definitions of honor and loyalty and goodness.


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