Saturday, February 20, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is like a conventional detective flick except for the body count and the bloodletting. Mel Gibson's performance as a Boston detective whose whistleblower daughter is shot down on his doorstep is surefooted, his Boston accent not too distracting and he is fairly generous when playing against the others in the cast. In fact, a fairly long scene between him and a mysterious British fixer played by Ray Winstone is a highpoint of the film. The lowest point is the last scene, which reunites Gibson's Tommy Craven and his murdered daughter, Emma, for a last goodbye. It's unbearably treacly.

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Edge of Darkness ( 2010 ) said...

Gibson's racial comments were totally unacceptable. I don't think I could go to one of his movies anymore without feeling that, in some way, I'm indicating his remarks were OK. Wrong signal. Too bad because his acting is entertaining.

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