Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Days

My fascination with the last days dates back to Catholic school and what I call its message of vindication, which is roughly translated as a warning to earthly tormentors that "you just wait until Jesus comes back."

I call this painting "The Second Coming of the Angelic Aryan Nation."
Why are the heavenly host always Nordic? Where are the brothers?

Michelangelo's "The Last Judgment" is behind
the altar in the Sistine Chapel.
Who needs a sermon when this is staring out at you?

This is one of the more disturbing depictions of the rapture.
The souls of the faithful, robed in white,
are yanked out of crashing vehicles and airplanes.
I sense some serious anger issues in this painting.

This is stoner trippy and leads me to wonder, probably inappropriately:
Dude, why do angels have such big freakin' wings?

I call this one "Jesus Comes to Wall Street,"
but a more appropriate title might be "Wall Street Comes to Jesus."
It looks like the guy on the lower right has packed a bag. Insider information?

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