The Hangover

Todd Phillips's "The Hangover" is a movie about men behaving badly in some pretty creative ways. Phillips, who has a Hitchcockian cameo early in the film, has taken the standard bachelor party in Vegas formula and turned it into a whacked out detective story in which three blighted friends try to put together the pieces of a night of drunken revelry during which they lost the groom-to-be. Bradley Cooper (Allias), Ed Helms (The Office) and Zach Galifianakis play best friends to Justin Burtha (National Treasure) and encounter an assortment of crazed characters in their quest to figure out why they're so bloody and beaten the morning after. Mike Tyson's cameo was eerie in light of his recent personal tragedy.

Also, I'm curious why a scene from the theatrical trailer was changed in the film. The scene featured Helms's p-whipped dentist Stu and his ball-buster of a girlfriend Melissa, played by Rachel Harris. In the trailer, Stu and Melissa are waiting near a window for his posse to pull up when Melissa says she wishes the others in his crew could be as mature as Stu. It's then that Cooper's character Phil shouts from the car "Doctor Douche-Bag." In the film, however, Phil shouts " Doctor Faggot." Twice. And it's repeated by Melissa. Frankly,"Doctor Douche-Bag" is a funnier gag because it's just crass. The other is crass AND cruel.


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